How Following a Routine Will Change Your Life

Summer is officially over. The kids are back in school. Life as we know it is about to become a whole lot busier & our calendars a whole lot fuller. What does all this mean? It means it’s the perfect time to start a new routine! The concept seems so simple, yet the benefits are life-changing. Seriously.

Establishing and following a daily routine is proven to be extremely beneficial to your overall mental health. Not only will you get way more accomplished, but you will be happier doing it because YOU are controlling how your day goes. Procrastinating will become a thing of the past, and you’ll find more time will open in up in your day to actually do a little relaxing! What’s that, right? Routines in your daily life have also been shown to decrease anxiety and stress levels as well improve the quality of your sleep. That’s a lot of benefits!

Are you having too many of those days where you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done? The days when you feel like you’ve gotten zero accomplished and now your to-do list has quickly gotten out of control? I know I have. A day like this every now and then is just part of life. It happens. Try as we might, we are not perfect. But I was having days like this far too often. I guess you could call it a rut. I was feeling really discouraged and lousy about the job I was doing as a wife and a mother and just as a human being in general. I knew I wasn’t living up to my potential. One day I finally got to the point where I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I knew it wasn’t healthy. So I put an end to that overwhelming rut and I’ve never looked back. No more mounds of unfolded laundry. No more dirty dishes for days. No more late scheduled bills. Those are all things of the past. After doing some research and multiple attempts, I finally came up with a system to help me get on track with my time management. Using my daily planning list led me to be much more accomplished and best of all, I feel proud of the job I’m doing managing my household.

I have found that the simpler I keep things, the easier it is for me to be uber productive. I used to spend money on these pretty planners/agendas and attempt to cram every detail of life and all the to-do’s together in one place. This was overwhelming. And I never had enough room. I wanted to separate my calendar of events from my weekly goals and my daily to-do’s. So, I did separate those three things and that is how i keep things listed and easy to glance at the list, complete, and cross it off. I LOVE crossing things off my lists. It makes me feel so accomplished and at the end of the day, it is rewarding to see how much you’ve gotten done. It makes you feel not so bad about the things you didn’t get done. I have a dry erase monthly calendar mounted to the wall in my kitchen. That is where I add all of our appointments/meetings/school due dates/events/date nights/etc. Next I have my Weekly Goals List hanging on the refrigerator. At the beginning of each week I list what my specific goals are that I wish to accomplish. Sometimes it’s things like washing windows, cleaning baseboards, organizing kids closets, or simply a goal to drink extra ounces of lemon water. Finally, I use my Daily Tasks List for my most urgent tasks. These are my must-do’s for the day. For example, I must schedule the utility bill today, wash all the bedding, complete school registration forms, etc. This process helps me stay organzied. I can see the outlook of my month, week, and day with these three things all in my kitchen (which is the room I spend the most time). Maybe for you, it would be your home office or a mudroom area. It helps to keep your goals front and center so you don’t lose sight of them and become underproductive. It’s a simple process and it works.

I hope by sharing what has worked for me will motivate you to also start a new routine. I promise you’ll be glad you did. There’s no time like the present! I would suggest starting now. Things will only get busier as school gets going into full swing and the holidays start approaching. You can click on the free printable below to use the exact version I use of my weekly and daily planning lists. Have a positive and productive week! 🙂

FREE Weekly Goals List*

*FREE Daily Tasks List*

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