How Genetics Effect Your Fitness Strategy

Let’s talk about genetics.

Genetics play a major part in not only the way we look but also our predisposition for things such as cancer and a number of other diseases. No matter how much we want to be taller or shorter we can’t change the genetic cards we were dealt. Thanks mom and dad. 😒 Genetics also play a roll in our potential- the potential for the way we look. Each of us has a physical genetic potential. That means no matter how much we weight train we will only ever be able to put on a certain amount of muscle that our frame will support. Without that vitamin “S”…but most of us will never reach our genetic limitation so I don’t think we need to worry about steroids lol. I personally think genetics also play a roll in how naturally good we are at certain sports. I think that’s why there are often generations of athletes in certain sports. Like King Griffey and King Griffey Jr. Saying all that, I would also like to say I am not a doctor

and genetics are extremely complicated. So complicated in fact, geneticists are still learning new things everyday.

Genetics also play a roll in body type. That’s what I want to focus on today. Have you ever had a friend or a loved one that could just eat whatever they wanted and never gain an ounce? Or maybe you’re like me, if you even smell food you gain a few pounds…seriously! Weight has always been a struggle for me. I always wondered why I have to work so hard to stay fit when it seems to come so easily to others. Or maybe you are like my wife, Sarah. She can pretty much whatever she wants and stays skinny. But skinny is not fit. I think that’s a misconception many people have. Sarah has different struggles than I do. It’s really easy for me to put on muscle mass, and it’s much harder for her. So why is that? Why is it hard for me to stay skinny, but easy to put on muscle. When its easy for Sarah to stay skinny but hard for her to put on muscle? It’s because of our genetics! We have different body types.

There are three main body types:

Ectomorph– an ectomorph is someone that is naturally skinny. They generally have crazy fast metabolisms (that’s why they can eat what they want.) Ectos also find it very hard to gain weight or muscle because their metabolism is so fast it just burns up everything they eat. Ectomorph traits include: long lean muscles, very little body fat, and a generally narrow frame.

Endomorph– an endomorph is basically the exact opposite of the ectomorph. Endos have a wide frame, wide shoulders and hips. They can put on muscle really easily. They also put on fat really quickly and find it hard to lose. These are the ones that are predisposed to go through life overweight.

Mesomorph– the mesomorph are the lucky ones. Mesos are right in the middle of the pack. They often have wider shoulders and tapered waists for men and that hour glass shape for women. They find it easy to lose fat and to gain muscle. They are generally the ones that are naturally athletic.

Ok now you know about the body types, but does this mean you have to be in just one category? No. Take me as an example. I think I’m in the middle of a mesomorph and an endomorph.

So, these are just the genetic cards we were dealt. Does that mean we should give up if we were dealt a less favorable hand? No! Listen, everyone wants what they don’t have. Skinny people wish they could put on muscle. Overweight people wish it was easy to lose weight. Just because we are genetically predisposed to have one of these body types does not mean our goals are unattainable. We just have to learn how to play the hand we are dealt!

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